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How do we process your orders?

How do we process your orders?


We carry out each hotel project with a customer-oriented and high-quality approach, supported by our professional scheme, innovative design, and economic budget, which contains the following processing:

1) Customers offer us their hotel interior design, including guestroom interior designs and public area designs.

2) BOQ (Detailed bill of quantities) is confirmed.

3) Specific specifications and requirements are offered.

4) We calculate the material price for all furniture.

5) Delivery schedule is created for the order.  

6) We build up the mock up room according to customers’ requirement.

7) Customers will review the mock up room, and revise the design if they have any advice. After all furniture details are confirmed, the order is completed.  

8) We can also provide installation service or on-site installation guide to customers. 

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